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Since 2013, we collected data on tens of thousands of businesses, partnered, and explored the global supply chain. FoodTrace ceased operations in 2016.
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Learnings Curated for a Better Food System

An honest account of scaling and diving into transparency and technology needs for your supply chain oppportunities.

Easy Supply Chain Tech

Blockchain, Hyperledger, Mapping - oh my! A simple way to digest industry trends. Today, we are always happy to share learnings.

Trend Analysis

A great snapshot of FoodTrace failures, success, and observations. An honest approach to transparent supply chains.

Smart Startup Recap

The summary is an honest account on what can be improved for other leaders to take note.

Available Soon

The Most Comprehensive Learnings on SaaS Software, Teams, Agile Development, Blockchain, Farm-Support, Consumer Needs on Supply Chains.