List of Foods that Start with I

The letter I is the ninth letter of the English alphabet. Here is a list of foods that start with the letter I, along with their definitions.


Common Foods that Start with I

  • Ice Cream: A frozen dessert made from cream and other ingredients.
  • Iceberg Lettuce: A common variety of lettuce that has a very light and crisp texture.
  • Iced Tea: Tea that has been chilled and then served over ice.
  • Icing: A sugary frosting that is used to decorate cakes.
  • Icing Sugar: Powdered sugar that has been used in icing and other desserts.

African Foods that Start with I

  • Injera: [Ethiopian and Eritrean] A pancake-like bread made from teff flour..
  • Isi Ewu: [Nigerian] A stew made from spiced goat’s head.
  • Isidudu: [South African] A sweet porridge made from ground corn.