List of Foods that Start with C

The letter C is the third letter of the English alphabet. Here is a list of foods that start with the letter C, along with their definitions.


Common Foods that Start with C

  • Cabbage: A vegetable with a rounded, firm head of dense leaves.
  • Cactus Pear: The pear shaped fruit of a prickly pear cactus, native to the southwestern United States and Mexico.
  • Cake: A sweet baked dessert made with a mixture of flour, sugar, and other ingredients.
  • Candy: A sugar confection usually made into bite-sized pieces.
  • Cantaloupe: A variety of muskmelon with a netted skin.
  • Capers: The leaves of the plant Capparis spinosa.
  • Caramel: Soft, brown confectionary made by heating sugar.
  • Carrot: A root vegetable, usually orange in color.
  • Casaba Melon: A variety of muskmelon.
  • Cashew: The edible seed of the cashew tree.
  • Cassava: An edible starchy tuber of the yuca tree.
  • Casserole: A combination of meats and vegetables baked and served in a dish.
  • Cauliflower: A vegetable with a dense, white head of edible flower buds.
  • Caviar: The eggs of sturgeon or other large fish, used as a spread or appetizer.
  • Cayenne: A hot pepper.
  • Celery: A perennial herb whose leaves and stalks are used as food.
  • Cereal: Food from grain.
  • Chard: A green leafy vegetable similar to spinach.
  • Chayote: An edible vegetable with a pear-shaped, smooth bluish-grey fruit.
  • Cheddar: A variety of cheese produced from cow’s milk, named after the English village of Cheddar in Somerset.
  • Cheese: A food product made from the curd of milk.
  • Cheesecake: A cake-like dessert made from a mixture of cream cheese and eggs.
  • Cherimoya: An exotic fruit with a scaly yellow-green rind and soft, creamy white flesh.
  • Cherry: The juicy fruit of a small tree or shrub, usually red in color.
  • Chestnut: The edible nut of any of several trees of genus Castanea.
  • Chicken: A bird that has been domesticated and raised primarily for meat.
  • Chickpea: An edible seed of the chickpea plant.
  • Chili: A common name for any of several different condiments containing ground dried peppers.
  • Chimayo Pepper: A New Mexico chile pepper named after the village of Chimayo.
  • Chips: A snack made from fried or baked potato, flour and salt.
  • Chives: A member of the onion family whose leaves are used for flavoring.
  • Chocolate: A confection made from the seed of the Cacao tree.
  • Cilantro: The leaves of the coriander plant.
  • Cinnamon: A spice obtained from the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree.
  • Citron: A citrus fruit harvested before the rind is fully ripe.
  • Citrus fruit: A fruit of any of several related trees of the genus citrus.
  • Clam: A shellfish that lives in salt water.
  • Cloves: A group of tropical aromatic herbs and spices used to flavor food.
  • Cobbler: An open pie with fruit, usually strawberries, cooked into it.
  • Cocoa: A chocolate-flavored powder which contains cocoa butter.
  • Coconut: The seed of a drupe from the coconut palm.
  • Cod: A saltwater fish.
  • Coffee: A brewed beverage made from roasted coffee beans.
  • Coleslaw: A salad made from cabbage and carrots, served with a sweet and sour dressing.
  • Collard Greens: A leafy green vegetable.
  • Cookie: A baked confection made with flour, eggs and often chocolate or vanilla.
  • Corn: A cereal grain with a hard, yellow kernel.
  • Corn On The Cob: Corn served on the cob.
  • Cornbread: A bread made from corn flour.
  • Corned Beef: A salt-cured meat made from beef.
  • Cornflakes: Shredded pieces of corn-based cereal.
  • Cornmeal: A meal made from dried corn.
  • Cottage Cheese: Soft, white cheese usually made from dried curdled milk.
  • Cowboy Beans: A dish of pinto beans with ground beef cooked in a tangy sauce.
  • Crab: A sea animal with a hard shell and a soft body.
  • Crab Puff: A fried pastry with crabmeat filling.
  • Crackers: A snack made from flour, salt and water.
  • Crackling Bread: A cornbread made by incorporating cracklings.
  • Cranberry: A small, red berry, native to North America.
  • Cream: The fatty part of milk that rises to the top.
  • Cream Cheese: A rich, soft cheese made with cream.
  • Croquette: A mixture of meat, fish, or vegetables shaped into a small ball or roll, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried.
  • Crouton: Cubed bread fried until crisp and golden.
  • Cucumber: A vegetable with a green skin and crunchy, watery white flesh.
  • Cumin: A plant whose seeds are used as a spice.
  • Cupcake: A small cake, usually baked in a standard-sized cup.
  • Curds: The solid parts of milk separated from the liquid.
  • Currant: A small fruit of the genus Ribes.
  • Curry: A dish cooked in sauce made from ground dried spices, often including turmeric.
  • Custard: A creamy dish made from eggs, sugar, and often milk or cream.

British Foods that Start with C

  • Cauliflower Cheese: A meal of cauliflower cooked in a white sauce, topped with cheese.
  • Cornish Pasty: A traditional meat and potato pie from Cornwall.
  • Cottage Pie: A meat-and-vegetable dish, consisting of a pie base made with vegetables and leftover pieces of meat.

European Foods that Start with C

  • Cannelloni: [Italian] A stuffed pasta roll, often served in a tomato sauce.
  • Cannoli: [Italian] A round, stuffed pastry made with ricotta cheese and candied fruit.
  • Cassoulet: [French] A rich, slow-cooked stew made with white beans, meat, and vegetables.
  • Coq Au Vin: [French] Chicken cooked in red sauce wine.
  • Crême Brûlée: [French] A dessert made with cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla.
  • Crêpe: [French] A thin, usually round pancake made of wheat flour.
  • Croissant: [French] A small, crescent-shaped pastry made of flaky dough.
  • Croque Monsieur: [French] A toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

Mexican Foods that Start with C

  • Capirotada: A delicacy consisting of a flat round bread, sliced, dipped in syrup and then fried.
  • Carne Adobada: A dish consisting of pork marinated in one or more chilies with seasonings and then simmered in a tomato sauce.
  • Ceviche: A dish made from seafood, often cured raw fish, served cold.
  • Chilaquiles: A dish made with tortilla chips, cheese and a variety of other ingredients.
  • Chile Relleno: Chilli pepper stuffed with cheese and fried.
  • Chilli Con Carne: A spicy stew of chilli peppers, kidney beans, minced meat and spices.
  • Churro: A fried sugar-coated bread, usually dipped in hot chocolate or vanilla.

Indian Foods that Start with C

  • Chapati: Flat bread made from dough which is rolled out and cooked on a tava.
  • Chicken Tikka: Boneless pieces of chicken which are marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked in the tandoor.
  • Chutney: A sweet and sour sauce made from crushed fresh or dried fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Oriental Foods that Start with C

  • Chop Suey: A stir-fry dish consisting of meat cooked with vegetables and other ingredients.
  • Chow Mein: A stir-fry dish consisting of meat and vegetables cooked with egg noodles.
  • Congee/Conjee: A rice porridge in which rice is boiled and strained, steamed, and garnished.

Middle Eastern Foods that Start with C

  • Couscous: A staple dish made with semolina, wheat, or barley flour.

African Foods that Start with C

  • Cachupa: [Cape Verdean] a fried plantain cake.
  • Calulu: [Angolan] a maize flour and coconut milk batter that is eaten with fish.
  • Chakalaka: [South African] a spicy relish made of tomatoes, onions, garlic and chilis.
  • Cocada Amarela: [Angolan] a dessert made from coconut and eggs.