List of Foods that Start with S

The letter S is the nineteenth letter of the English alphabet. Here is a list of foods that start with the letter S, along with their definitions.


Common Foods that Start with S

  • Saffron: A spice extracted from the dried stigmas of crocus flowers, used in cooking and to color and flavor food.
  • Sage: A leafy plant of the mint family, used as a flavoring in cooking.
  • Salad: A mixture of raw vegetables or greens, often with a dressing.
  • Salmon: Any of various silvery fishes of the family Salmonidae.
  • Salt: A white crystalline mineral used to season and preserve food.
  • Sandwich: A food form consisting of two or more layers of bread with meat, cheese, lettuce, or other toppings between the layers.
  • Sardine: A small, oily fish.
  • Sauce: A liquid or semi-liquid flavoring for food.
  • Sauerkraut: A dish food by fermenting raw cabbage with lactic acid bacteria.
  • Sausage: A food usually made from pork mixed with fat and other ingredients and formed into the shape of a tube.
  • Scallop: A bivalve shellfish related to oysters.
  • Scampi: A small, shrimp-like crustacean.
  • Scones: A type of bread or biscuit, usually buttery and sweetened, often served for breakfast.
  • Seaweed: Any of various marine plants used as food.
  • Seeds: The reproductive part of a plant, containing an embryo and capable of developing into a new plant when planted.
  • Semolina: The coarse, purified wheat middlings from which pasta, couscous, and sweet puddings are made.
  • Sesame: A seed of the sesame plant used as a flavoring and coloring agent and in cooking.
  • Shallots: Small onions with a pungent flavor, used as a flavoring.
  • Shrimp: A small crustacean found in salt and freshwater.
  • Slaw: A mixture of shredded raw vegetables often used as a salad or in sandwiches.
  • Soda Bread: A type of bread made with sodium bicarbonate instead of yeast.
  • Soft drink: A nonalcoholic beverage.
  • Sorbet: A frozen dessert made from fruit juice or wine sweetened with sugar and fruit syrup.
  • Sorghum: A cereal grain.
  • Sorrel: A plant with a sour taste and used for flavoring.
  • Soup: A liquid food made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables.
  • Sour Cream: A food product made chiefly from soured milk and cream and used as a garnish.
  • Sourdough: A type of bread made from lactobacilli and yeast.
  • Soybean: The seed of an Asian plant used for making soy sauce, tofu, and other foods.
  • Spaghetti: A long, thin dried pasta.
  • Spices: A seasoning made from a dried, ground herb, usually used in cooking to add a distinctive flavor.
  • Spinach: An edible plant with dark green leaves, usually cooked and eaten as greens.
  • Sprinkles: A dried form of confectionery sugar used as a topping for ice cream or cake.
  • Squash: Any of a number of summertime vegetables of the gourd family.
  • Squid: A soft-bodied mollusk related to the octopus, eaten as food.
  • Steak: A slice of beef, usually cut across the muscle fibers.
  • Stew: A mixture of meat and other ingredients cooked together in liquid.
  • Stir-Fry: A cooking method involving rapidly stir-frying food in a wok or frying pan.
  • Strawberry: A small, red, edible fruit.
  • String Bean: A long, thin, green bean.
  • Strudel: A thin, rolled pastry.
  • Succotash: A dish of cooked corn, beans, and lima beans.
  • Suet: The soft fat around the kidneys of beef cattle or sheep and used as a substitute for butter in cooking.
  • Sugar: A white crystalline substance that is a principal ingredient of sweet foods.
  • Sugar Cane: The tall, cane-like plant from which extracted sugar is made.
  • Sundae: A food consisting of ice cream or other dessert covered with syrup and served topped with whipped cream and fruit.
  • Sweet Potato: A large, starchy root vegetable with a sweet taste.
  • Syrup: A thick, concentrated liquid made by boiling sugar with water.

British Foods that Start with S

  • Shepherd’s Pie: A traditional minced meat pie with a mashed potato topping.
  • Steak And Kidney Pie: A pie with steak, kidney and brown gravy.

European Foods that Start with S

  • Salami: [Italian] Cured sausage made of minced pork.
  • Scaloppine: [Italian] Slices of meat dipped in wheat flour and sautĂ©ed.
  • SoufflĂ©: [French] A light, spongy cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites.

Mexican Foods that Start with S

  • Salsa: A sauce used as a condiment for tacos, and normally made of tomatoes, peppers, and onions.
  • Sopapilla: A fried pastry.

Indian Foods that Start with S

  • Samosa: A triangular-shaped pastry containing a spiced meat or vegetable filling, often eaten as a snack or appetizer.

Oriental Foods that Start with S

  • Shark Fin Soup: [Chinese] A soup with shark fin
  • Som Tam: [Thai] A papaya salad.
  • Soy Sauce: A salty, fermented sauce made from soybeans and used as a flavoring.
  • Spring Roll: A fried pastry filled with meat, fish, or vegetables.
  • Sticky Rice: A glutinous rice that is boiled and then steamed to become sticky.
  • Sushi: [Japanese] Slices of raw fish served with rice
  • Sweet And Sour Sauce: A sauce made with vinegar, sugar, and sometimes soy sauce.

Middle Eastern Foods that Start with S

  • Sfiha: A type of round flatbread that is cooked on a griddle and topped with minced meat.
  • Shawarma: A dish consisting of meat that is cooked on a rotating spit.
  • Shish Kebab: A skewer of meat that is grilled.

African Foods that Start with S

  • Serobe: [Botswanan] Lungs and intestines of cow, sheep, or goat which are cooked until tender.
  • Seswaa: [Botswanan] National dish consisting of stewed meat.
  • Shiro: [Ethiopian & Eritrean] A stew of ground chickpeas, onion, and garlic.
  • Skilpadjies: [South African] Lamb’s liver wrapped in caul fat.
  • Sosatie: [South African] Minced meat cooked on skewers.
  • Suya: [West African] Skewered meat marinated in various spices and barbequed.