List of Foods that Start with O

The letter O is the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet. Here is a list of foods that start with the letter O, along with their definitions.


Common Foods that Start with O

  • Oatmeal: A thick, porridge-like cereal made from crushed oats.
  • Oats: A type of cereal grain.
  • Oil: Any fat in liquid form which is obtained from plants, animals, or other sources.
  • Okra: The fruit of a tall plant with long, pointed leaves. It is often cooked and served as a vegetable.
  • Olive: A small, edible fruit with a hard stone.
  • Omelet: A dish made of beaten eggs that are usually mixed with other ingredients, such as vegetables and cheese. The eggs are cooked until they form a solid mass.
  • Onion: A type of vegetable that grows from white or yellow round roots. It has clustered green leaves on its stem and is used in cooking for its strong smell and taste.
  • Onion Ring: A slice of onion that has been cut into a round shape, coated in breading and deep fried.
  • Orange: An edible juicy citrus fruit with a thick, aromatic peel.
  • Oregano: A herb that is used as a spice or a seasoning for food.
  • Oyster: A type of mollusc, usually found in cold water.

European Foods that Start with O

  • Ossobuco: [Italian] A dish made of veal shanks braised with a white sauce.

African Foods that Start with O

  • Ogbono Soup: [Nigerian] A soup made with chicken, vegetables, ground sesame seeds, herbs and spices.
  • Ogi: [Nigerian] A type of fermented cereal pudding.