A powerful platform for food businesses

Easy-to-use management and selling tools for farms, artisans, distributors and buyers

Manage and visualize your network


Get your business on the map, help your customers find you


Bring traceable experiences to your community



Use what you have...Better

FoodTrace seamlessly integrates your management tools to improve
the operations and communications within your supply chain.
Import contact lists, notes, CSV's and more!

Your Profile

Accurately capture the ins and outs of your business for improved discoverability. Manage your current vendor partners and connect with new opportunities in your area.


Simplified Communication

FoodTrace MyMaps help you visualize product pathways from farm to fork

Make more informed decisions when determing supply chain sales channels

Bring traceable experiences to your community by highlighting your vendor locations

Share and Connect

Use our features to help your business turn sourcing behaviors into marketing tools, and bring traceable experiences to your communities and consumers.


Premium Features

foodtrace trends

Marketable Reporting Tools

Gain valuable analytical insight on trends, potential sourcing partners and individual business performance through FoodTrace reports

Our ambition is to use our knowledge and data to advance food and agriculture forward.